I'm having trouble getting past "Add Horse" and / or "Add Owner"?

Just sitting here waiting for something to happen!

It's not supposed to do that, but you probably guessed that already. The first part of the entering process, where you assemble the "building blocks" of the entry - relies pretty heavily on some new Javascript libraries to support the the interactivity and to send and retrieve information with the USEF. If you are stuck here than there might be an issue with your browser or security configuration.

We have had some reports of this behavior from users using Internet Explorer 9 or older on Windows Vista or older. If this is you, you might want to try downloading the free Google Chrome Browser and then logging in using Chrome and then beginning again. This solution has quickly fixed the issue for other users and they've been able to finish building their entries and submit them to the Competition Organizer with no further issues.

Still broke?

You probably need to return to the Help Page and use the contact info at the bottom of the page to reach out to us for support. We'll do what we can to help you out as soon as possible.