Take a tour of the process of creating and submitting an entry

Once you've created an account or logged in, your home page lists competitions that are available to enter. Begin by clicking the "create entry" button.

Begin assembling the components of the entry by clicking the "add horse" button.

A dialog form will open asking you to begin by retrieving your horse's recording details from the USEF. Find their details via either a name search or a number search.

A number search should return only 1 match. If you've done a name search you might need to select your horse from a list of horses with similar names.

The rest of the form will fill in with the details provided by the USEF search. Fill in any missing details that you know and click "save".

The System will try to automatically look up the owner with the USEF and ask you to confirm that they've retrieved the correct owner. If the lookup doesn't return a match, or the recorded owner is out of date, you'll need to look the owner up yourself via the form using a number search (recommended) or a name search.

If your search returns a match from the USEF database, select it to fill in the "Add Person" form.

You will need to fill in remaining details like address, phone, and email and click "save".

Next click the "add rider" button to add a rider to the entry. You can add as many riders as you need with this method.

If you've already added the person who is the rider, just select them from the list to add them to the entry. You won't have to enter their details again.

Finally, do the "add" procedure one more time to get the trainer on the entry.

Once all the "building blocks" of the entry are complete, you need to click the choice corresponding with the type of entry you are submitting to the Competition.

Some competitions will have only one type of entry blank, but large multi-discipline competitions might offer several.

You will see an electronic representation of the competition's entry blank on your screen with your horse's info at the top.

If the competition requires that you enter classes when you submit your entry, there will be checkboxes or text boxes for class numbers organized by the riders on your entry.

If you are entering any classes that award prize money you will need to enter information about the party receiving the prize money.

You will need to enter the Social Security number or EIN of the payee each time you do an entry. This information is encrypted and is not stored in our database with the person record of the payee.

Choose your date of arrival so that we can pass it along to the stabling manager.

If you want to be stabled with someone other than the person listed as trainer on the entry, provide the last name of the party you wish to "stable with".

If you are entering classes that don't require "qualification", you can order the number of stalls you'll need on the entry blank and you'll pay for them when you submit the entry.

Be sure to enter the quantity of the stalls you need, not their price!

Review the USEF Entry Agreement for your Competition.

Provide electronic signatures for the parties on the entry blank.

Any parties that aren't available to sign electronically will need to sign a paper entry blank in the horse show office when you go to pick up your "back number".

If you need to add or change details of any people on the entry blank, there is an edit button in their signature square.

But, if you need to CHANGE any people that are on the entry blank, you should use the "GO BACK" button to return to the page where you built the entry.

You will need to reselect classes and account items when you return to this page.

If you are satisfied with the entry blank, click "SAVE".

You will see a summary of entries created on the next page. If you notice something wrong with the billing, use the "View/Edit" button to go back and fix it.

Using View/Edit to fix a billing item...

The balance will refresh on the next page...

The "Shopping Cart" (and also the "My Entries" page) have checkboxes to "SELECT" entries to submit to the competition.

If you need to change classes or people on an entry at this point, you should "Select" it, then delete it. You can rebuild it quickly with the correct information because all of your horses and people are saved.

When you are ready to pay and submit your entries to the competition, select them and click "SUBMIT SELECTED ENTRIES..."

You can "select" and "submit" several entries at a time, and also organize your submissions by the payment method you are using.

You will see a summary of the entries to be submitted to the Competition Organizer with that transaction.

Use an existing payer and payment method, or click "Add new payer" to begin adding a new payer and their credit card information.

If using an existing payer, you can add a new payment card for them via their "add new payment method for..." button.

Fill in the payer details...

Then add a new payment method for them...

Fill in the payment card details...

You need to click the "radio button" corresponding with the payment card you just entered to select it to pay for the entries you are submitting.

You can also click the "radio button" corresponding with a payment card you've already added instead.

When the payment method is selected, and the entries have been reviewed one more time, click "submit" to pay for your entry and transmit it electronically to the Competition Organizer.

If the transaction completes successfully you will see a summary of your entries on the next page. The system will also try to send you a confirmation e-mail with the transaction details.

If you have a confirmation code then you are good to go. Your entries have been successfully submitted to the competition organizer and you don't have to do anything further unless the Organizer contacts you with instructions. There is no need to contact the Competition Organizer to confirm receipt of your entries, but if you decide to do so, you should provide them with your confirmation code so that they can easily look up your record.