I went to pay and submit my entry and nothing happened! What do I do?

Maybe you saw a bunch of indecipherable error messages or just a white screen?

How can you tell if your entry was submitted and your card was charged? Don't worry, all your work probably hasn't disappeared into "cyberspace"

Sometimes things do go wrong, and when they do the System isn't always that good at telling you what happened! It's not okay to assume that your entries were submitted to the Competition Organizer, but there isn't any reason to panic either.

Return to the System (you may need to enter our URL again https://entries.showmanagementsystem.com/)

All of your entries both submitted and un-submitted are available via the "My Entries" link

Entries that have been successfully charged and transmitted to the Competition Organizer will have a status of "Submitted". While entries that haven't been will have a status of "Not Submitted".

Also, if you got a summary e-mail with your confirmation code and transaction details, you are good to go.

Any entry that has been successfully submitted will have payment information recorded and a balance that reflects it on their summary page accessible via "View"

Okay, my entry hasn't been submitted what could have gone wrong and what can I do?

Well, it could have been a temporary server problem or a problem with your connection. If that's the case you can just "select" the un-submitted entries and try to submit them again. If that fixes it - wonderful! But we have had reports of some users with older browsers that might not fully submit javascript experiencing this issue. Especially Internet Explorer 9 or older on Windows Vista or older. If this is you, you might want to try downloading the free Google Chrome Browser and then logging in using Chrome and trying to submit again. This solution has quickly fixed the issue for other users.

Still broke?

You probably need to return to the Help Page and use the contact info at the bottom of the page to reach out to us for support. We'll do what we can to help you out as soon as possible.