You might have noticed that our on-line entry platform has a whole new look. The workflow is similar to the app that debuted in 2014, but some things have changed a bit too. At this point we still don't know what functions people will need the most help with. So if you're stuck, please shoot us a text at (847) 842-0360, or e-mail

Ask for some guidance or let us know that something is going wrong. If there is a bug, we'll try to fix it. And if you're stuck, we'll tell you the steps to get unstuck and then document those steps and post them here to build a guide for all users to have as a resource.

We promise to try to address your request as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that we are a small team and also, these events can require a bit of travel. We might be in the air or in another time zone in which case we have to land and/or wake up before we can reply.