We will keep adding to this section as we figure out what people need help with!

I forgot my password!

Can you give me a tour of the whole process of creating and submitting an entry?

HELP! It says I owe $30,000 for a stall! How do I edit it?

How do I add an additional rider?

How do I change classes on an entry before I submit it?

How do I delete an entry?

I went to pay and submit my entry and nothing happened! What do I do?

I'm having trouble getting past "Add Horse" and / or "Add Owner"?

I haven't found an answer here and I still need help!

Send an e-mail to and he'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call and leave a voice mail at 847-842-0360 and he'll call you back as soon as he gets a chance. I'm sorry we can't answer the phone 24 / 7. We're just a small startup right now and we might be driving, or sleeping, or coding! If it's a simple question or you're shy you can also text that phone number and we'll text or call you back as soon as possible.